(1) Outdoor play light billboard, the main structure is iron frame plus spray paint, metal edge, spotlight. For example, roof billboards, pillar advertisements, etc., the production of large billboards with solid steel structures is the core of billboards, and it is not safe to do without solid steel structures as supports.
(2) Indoor light billboards are often called outdoor light boxes. The painted materials are different and the light tube is built in, so the picture of the billboard is clear during the day and at night. Good light transmittance, uniform and high brightness.
(3) Billboards can strengthen corporate image and establish brand leadership; increase public awareness of the company and products. Can be used in schools, hospitals, enterprises, construction sites, markets, business halls, highways and other places.
(4) It has the following characteristics: 1. Good quality, solid structure, long service life 2. Customizable design, unlimited new ideas 3. Night lighting to ensure safety 4. Beautiful atmosphere, enhance the image of the city


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