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Engineering project

An engineering project is a project with engineering construction as a carrier and a one-time engineering construction task as a managed object. It takes buildings or structures as the target output, needs to pay a certain fee, according to a certain procedure, and completes within a certain time, and should meet the quality requirements.

1. Steel structure billboard: Q235B material, 24m long, 24m wide, 17m high or customized. Can strengthen corporate image, build brand leadership; increase public awareness of the company and products. Can be used in schools, hospitals, enterprises, construction sites, markets, business halls, highways and other places.

2. Steel landscape bridge: Q345 qD material, it is mainly used for various vehicles to cross rivers, valleys and other obstacles, and can be used to build bridges on dangerous bridges and broken bridges.

3. Bridge pier formwork: The formwork is a newly cast concrete model. The formwork system consists of formwork, support components and fasteners.

4.Equipment stand: Q235B material, consisting of steel structural members for ascending, standing, walking platform. Suitable for various chemical, special environment outdoor work equipment racks.
Engineering project
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