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Steel Structure Building

Steel Structure Building

Industry:Logistics park
Client:Dalian Fengshen logistics
Contractors:Dalian Guangtong Steel Structure CO., LTD
Location:Dalian bonded area reclamation area
Project introduction:This project adopts light steel portal frame structure. Purlin system adopts light steel structure; Under the condition of normal use and maintenance, the designed service life of the main structure of the building is 50 years.

Engineering advantages:

  • Flexible space separation, light weight, saving materials, easy to install; It has the advantage of flexibly cooperating with the layout of the building, which is beneficial to arrange the building structure that needs larger space.

  • The beam and column components are easy to be standardized and shaped, and the assembly integral structure is easy to be used to shorten the construction period.

  • When cast-in-situ concrete frame is adopted, the structure has good integrity and stiffness, and can achieve good seismic effect.


The structural model of the project is widely used in residential buildings, schools, office buildings, large-span public buildings, industrial plants, shopping malls, railway stations, gymnasiums, shipyards, hangars, parking lots, light industry workshops, etc.

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