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Advantages of multi-storey light steel factory!

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Advantages of multi-storey light steel factory!
Issue Time:2020-03-16
The multi-storey light steel structure workshop built by Dalian Guangtong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is an environment-friendly and economic light steel workshop with light steel as the framework, sandwich panel as the enclosure material, standard module series as the spatial combination, bolt connection as the component and a new concept. The light steel workshop can be assembled and disassembled conveniently and quickly, realize the general standardization of temporary buildings, establish the construction concept of environmental protection, energy saving, fast and efficient, and make the temporary buildings enter into a series of development, integrated production, supporting supply, inventory and multiple turnover of fixed products.

Compared with the traditional reinforced concrete plant, the design, production and construction of multi-storey light steel plant tend to be integrated, and there is no wet operation on site, which is conducive to shorten the cycle and speed up the flow of funds. Of course, in addition to these advantages, the multi-storey light steel plant built by Dalian Guangtong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. has many other advantages and features. Let's learn about them together!

1. Use light steel plate

The color coated profiled steel plate and sandwich metal plate, with its advantages of light weight, good heat preservation and insulation effect, fast installation speed and beautiful appearance, have replaced the masonry wall of the traditional multi-storey factory building and become an indispensable enclosure material for the multi-storey light steel factory building. Light envelope structure is beneficial to reduce the self weight of structure and the requirement of foundation.  

2. Large floor height and column grid size

Compared with multi-storey civil buildings, the multi-storey light steel workshop is generally 4-8M high according to the process requirements. For example, the height of a 4-storey factory building can be equivalent to 8-storey civil buildings. The internal space of the multi-storey light steel factory building is large, and the column spacing is mostly 6-12M, sometimes up to 18m.  

3. Large live load

Due to the requirements of raw material stacking and production process, the live load of multi-storey light steel workshop is mostly 2.5-20kn / M 2, which is far greater than the live load of multi-storey civil buildings. Most of them are suspended and concentrated loads. The hanging load of multi-storey factory mainly includes installation load, process line load, crane load, ceiling load, etc. while the concentrated load mainly includes equipment self weight and sometimes equipment vibration load.  

4. Structure staggered floor arrangement

The structure of multi-storey buildings with the same use is mostly arranged symmetrically, and for multi-storey light steel factory buildings, in order to meet the process requirements, there is often a phenomenon of structural staggered floors, which is more hierarchical than the plane residence, and the privacy is strengthened. Each functional room does not interfere with each other, and the areas with different functions are completely an independent space.

5. Environmental protection and energy conservation

The materials of the light steel workshop with steel structure can be 100% recycled, truly green and pollution-free. All the light steel workshops with steel structure adopt efficient energy-saving walls, which have good heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation effects and can reach 50% energy-saving standard.

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