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Precautions for installation of light steel villa

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Precautions for installation of light steel villa
Issue Time:2020-03-16
The building which is assembled by prefabricated parts on the construction site is called assembly building. Light steel villa is also known as light steel structure house. Its main material is light steel keel which is made of hot-dip galvanized steel strip and cold-rolled technology. Light steel villa has good seismic effect and can adapt to the strong external environment stimulation. In addition, the construction speed is fast and the performance is environmental protection, which is the current green building. Therefore, the safety construction of light steel villa is very important. The following will introduce the notice of light steel villa installation project in detail.

1、 Outdoor storage of light steel villa: materials shall be stacked in a high-lying place, with smooth drainage around and no ponding. Before stacking, lay a layer of rain cloth on the material platform to prevent moisture. After stacking, cover with a complete Raincloth, bind with rope, and press the Raincloth around with heavy objects. Pay attention to the weather. On a sunny day, turn on the rain cloth to dry, and evaporate the water of the rain cloth, so as to avoid the water vapor falling on the inorganic active thermal insulation material, causing hardening.

2、 Precautions for thermal insulation construction of light steel villa:

1、 Pay close attention to weather forecast, early warning and reasonable construction time.

2. Windy weather: high altitude operation is not allowed in case of large air volume or above. Strengthen the safety education of workers, and strictly check the use of safety belts, helmets and safety ropes.

3. Construction is prohibited in rainy days. Reasonably arrange the construction process according to the specific weather conditions of the day.

3、 Precautions for installation of light steel villa:

1. Strengthen the safety education and training for all staff on the construction site, especially the details that are easy to be ignored, so as to make the safety construction go deep into every worker's heart.

2. Safety inspection must be in place. Regularly check the main body, scaffold and construction capacity of light steel villa, find out problems in time, eliminate problems in time and repair damages in time. In order to ensure the smooth construction, preventive measures should be taken to reasonably arrange the construction of light steel villa to avoid material waste.

The light steel villa designed and manufactured by Dalian Guangtong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. belongs to the category of prefabricated building. The prefabricated light steel villa is made of Q235B material. The layer specification can be customized according to the customer's requirements. The seismic strength can reach grade 7. The surface shall be sandblasted and derusted. Epoxy primer and polyurethane finish are used for anti-corrosion treatment. It has the following advantages: firm and stable structure; fast construction speed, short period, high efficiency, not affected by seasons; ideal heat insulation performance; excellent seismic performance and durability; green environmental protection, saving time and energy, and flexible.

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