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Precautions for steel structure welding

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Precautions for steel structure welding
Issue Time:2020-03-02
Steel structure welding production and manufacturing starts from the preparation of welding production, which includes structural process review, process plan and process specification design, process evaluation, preparation of process documents and quality assurance documents, ordering of raw materials and auxiliary materials, outsourcing and self-designed manufacturing assembly welding equipment and equipment; then welding structure manufacturing starts from the warehousing of materials The process includes material re inspection and warehousing, material preparation and processing, assembly welding, post weld heat treatment, quality inspection and finished product acceptance, among which repair, coating and painting are also interspersed, and finally qualified products are put into the warehouse. In the process of steel structure welding, the following matters need to be noted:

1、 The best voltage should be chosen in welding construction

Generally, according to different conditions, the corresponding long arc or short arc should be selected respectively, which can get better welding quality and work efficiency. For example, in order to get better penetration, short arc operation should be used in backing welding; in filling welding or cover welding, in order to get higher efficiency and width, arc voltage can be increased properly.

2、 Control the arc length when welding

In order to ensure the weld quality, the short arc operation is generally adopted during welding, but the appropriate arc length can be selected according to different situations to obtain the optimal welding quality. For example, the first layer of V-groove butt joint and corner joint should use shorter arc to ensure the penetration of welding without undercut; the second layer can be slightly longer to fill the weld. When the gap is small, the short arc should be used. When the gap is large, the arc can be slightly longer and the welding speed can be accelerated. The overhead welding arc shall be the shortest to prevent molten iron from flowing down;

3、 Pay attention to control the interpass temperature when welding thick plates

When the thick plate is welded in multiple layers, the control of the interlayer temperature shall be strengthened. During the continuous welding process, the temperature of the welding base metal shall be inspected to make the interlayer temperature as consistent as possible with the preheating temperature, and the maximum interlayer temperature shall also be controlled. The welding time shall not be too long. In case of welding interruption, appropriate post heating and heat preservation measures shall be taken. When welding again, the re preheating temperature shall be appropriately higher than the initial preheating temperature.

4、 Control welding deformation during welding

During welding, the deformation is not controlled from the aspects of welding sequence, personnel arrangement, groove form, selection of welding specification and operation method, which leads to large deformation and difficult correction after welding. Reasonable welding sequence, proper welding specification and operation method shall be adopted, and anti deformation and rigid fixation measures shall be adopted.

During the production, processing and construction of steel structure, welding will directly affect the construction quality of the whole project. The purpose of welding is to make the component connection more firm, so that the production and processing of the component and the construction of the project have a safety guarantee. Therefore, the above welding precautions need to be paid attention to by the welding personnel.

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