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Steel structure fire retardant coating construction of a few major matters needing attention

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Steel structure fire retardant coating construction of a few major matters needing attention
Issue Time:2020-02-17
Fireproof coating is an essential process in steel structure construction. Coating is very troublesome. If you want to do well, you can't ignore every construction detail. The following are some details that must be paid attention to in the construction of fire retardant coating for steel structure:

1. During spraying, the consistency of coating, pressure of air compressor and distance between nozzle and components shall be mastered.

The diluent content in the coating should not be too much, otherwise the normal construction viscosity of the coating will be reduced, and the coating can not be attached to the steel structure surface. The surface cleaning of base material of fire retardant coating should be strictly controlled. Remove dust, rust, grease and other substances that hinder adhesion, and conduct a lot of anti rust treatment. The bottom and surface of the fireproof coating shall be matched, and the bottom layer shall not be rusted.

2. Fire spray protection of steel structure shall be constructed by a professional construction team with training and corresponding construction qualification.
According to the characteristics of the project and the selection of products, formulate strict construction scheme. Before the need of the project, the physical and chemical properties of the coating can be tested according to the proportion required by the project. In the construction of intumescent fire retardant coating, the foaming performance of different parts should be selected. ,

3. In the process of coating construction, the coating must be basically dried and solidified before coating, and the construction shall be carried out after construction.

The protection mode, construction times and thickness of protective layer shall be determined according to the design requirements. The thickness of each coating shall be moderate, not too thick or uneven rolling, so as not to affect the quality of the coating. Strictly follow the coating process, so as to avoid safety hazards caused by the construction period.

4. The coating thickness shall reach the design value, and the joint thickness shall be thickened.

The requirements of spraying site, component surface treatment, joint, coating preparation, spraying times, quality control and acceptance, etc. shall conform to the current national standard "technical specification fire retardant coating for steel structures" (cecs24). The thickness of the coating shall be checked at the construction edge (measured by thickness gauge). When the crack is general and wide, it is necessary to study and analyze whether the process is correct and the coating mix ratio is reasonable.

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