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Quality control of steel structure fabrication project

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Quality control of steel structure fabrication project
Issue Time:2020-02-11
Dalian Guangtong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is your best choice when steel structure engineering meets the requirement of short construction period. Because Dalian Guangtong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. has a professional steel structure design team. Stable and skilled first-line production technical workers; large-scale steel structure production equipment, production, packaging, transportation, loading and unloading services; in addition, Guangtong has its own quality inspection department, product quality certification system, welding quality certification system, various testing tools and equipment; there is a professional engineering team before building solutions. And the advantages of steel structure are high strength of material, high toughness and plasticity of steel, uniform material, fast construction speed, easy prefabrication and installation, etc. But the quality of steel structure engineering is the premise of exerting these advantages. Therefore, it is of great practical significance and necessity to strengthen the quality control of steel structure engineering.

The quality control of steel structure foundation engineering generally refers to the quality control of embedded bolt of steel structure foundation. Embedded bolt is the first and very critical step of the whole project construction and the foundation of the whole project. First of all, be familiar with the drawings, understand the intention of the drawings, and make the installation template. The embedded bolt is positioned on the main reinforcement and formwork of the column with two installation formworks and reinforcement, so as to ensure that the embedded bolt will not be displaced due to the construction of civil concrete pouring. In this way, the spacing and height between each group of bolts can be controlled within the allowable error range; at the same time, the screw thread of bolts shall be protected from damage during concrete pouring. After the completion of civil works, the elevation and axis of anchor bolts shall be rechecked with theodolite and level, and records shall be made.

The general manufacturing process of steel structure processing is divided into: setting out → blanking → panel splicing → cutting → assembly → submerged arc welding → drilling → assembly → corrective forming → riveter parts blanking → production and assembly → welding and welding inspection → rust prevention treatment, coating, numbering → component acceptance and delivery. In the process of steel structure manufacturing, quality control should be carried out according to the process flow of steel structure manufacturing, such as controlling the processing of key parts, the process and measures of main components, the processing equipment and process equipment used, etc.

The construction of steel structure engineering usually goes through two stages: Factory fabrication and field installation. Most of the time, the steel structure engineering is carried out in the workshop. Because of the quality of the steel structure components processed and manufactured in the factory, it is very important for the field installation of the steel structure engineering and the safety and stability of the overall structure. Therefore, the steel structure manufacturer shall have the corresponding enterprise qualification, production scale, technical capacity, mechanical equipment and advanced technology level.

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