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Advantages of steel structure building

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Advantages of steel structure building
Issue Time:2020-02-10
Steel structure building is a kind of building with load-bearing structure made of building steel. The load-bearing structure is usually composed of beams, columns, trusses and other components made of section steel and steel plate. It is a building composed of the enclosure structure such as roof, floor and wall.            

With the concept of "low carbon" getting more and more popular, the construction industry also has a low carbon cyclone of energy saving and emission reduction. In terms of materials. More and more people advocate green energy-saving and environmental protection decoration materials; from the perspective of housing structure, people prefer light steel structure; and from the perspective of energy conservation and emission reduction, more and more people put energy conservation and environmental protection in the first place. Compared with reinforced concrete structure, steel structure has unique advantages in three aspects of "high, large and light", which is widely used in the world, especially in developed countries. Steel structure buildings usually have the following advantages:            

1. The on-site construction speed of light steel structure residence is fast, mainly for dry operation, which is conducive to civilized construction.            
2. Light steel structure building is an environmental protection type sustainable development product.            
3. The self weight of light steel structure building is light and its seismic performance is good.            
4. The comprehensive economic index of light steel structure building is not higher than that of reinforced concrete structure.            
5. Because the wall thickness of light steel structure is small, it can increase the effective use area compared with brick concrete structure.    6. Compared with reinforced concrete residence, the steel of light steel structure can be recycled in the future, but the concrete can't be recycled. It must be construction waste in the future, causing environmental pressure.            
7. The wall composed of light steel keel and thermal insulation material gypsum board has good sound insulation effect.            
8. It has good heat preservation and insulation effect. The insulation board used for the external wall can effectively avoid the phenomenon of "cold bridge" of the wall and achieve better insulation effect.            

Dalian Guangtong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is a large modern steel structure enterprise with construction qualification and design qualification in Liaoning Province. The company covers an area of 18000 square meters, including 13000 square meters of plant area, with dozens of advanced processing and testing equipment. In the continuous development of the company, adhering to the quality first, service first, safety first, quality first enterprise purpose, to meet customer needs as the goal, in the field of steel structure has strong technology and production capacity. At present, steel structure building is a very good building structure in the industrial era, which can be used as a key promotion object. At present, a large number of steel structure villas, duplex buildings and container houses are widely used in industrial plants, tourist attractions and houses for their own use. Its development is an inevitable trend.