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Control and rectification of steel structure after welding

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Control and rectification of steel structure after welding
Issue Time:2020-02-06
Post welding correction method for welding deformation:            
In order to meet the requirements of design and specification, welding structural members with welding deformation must be corrected. From another point of view, this correction is essentially to try to create new deformation to compensate or offset the deformation. In construction and production, the most commonly used correction methods of residual deformation after welding can be divided into force correction and heating correction and the combination of the two methods.            

4.1 force application correction method:            
Force correction is usually done by jacks, screw force intensifiers, roller straighteners or large presses.            

4.2 heating correction method:           
In other words, uneven heating makes the structure obtain reverse deformation to compensate or cancel the original welding deformation. The heating method of heating correction can be divided into point heating, line heating and triangle heating. Heating correction can eliminate many deformation which can not be solved by force correction. Mastering the law of deformation caused by local heating of flame is the key to correct. The effect of flame correction is mainly determined by heating position and heating temperature. The welding structure of low carbon steel and common alloy is usually heated at 650-8000c, which should not exceed 9000c.            

At the same time, in order to improve the correction effect, external force can also be applied in the heating process. During flame correction, there are two ways to cool the heating point: natural cooling and water cooling. By using the method of water fire correction, the effect of structural correction is fast, and the amount of correction is larger than that of natural cooling. Such as straightening large section H-beam.            

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