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Construction and production process of key projects of steel frame structure

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Construction and production process of key projects of steel frame structure
Issue Time:2020-01-21
The construction and production process of key works of steel frame structure are as follows: construction setting out → embedded bolts in basic concrete → (steel structure processing and manufacturing) portal steel frame lifting → crane beam installation → steel column installation → steel roof truss, color steel roof and eave plate installation → wall control panel installation → steel frame structure spraying.            

Construction setting out:            
1. According to the provisions of the design scheme and the engineering drawings, cooperate with the civil engineering enterprises to check and approve the elevation and center line.            
2. Before the construction of the project, the center line shall be checked by the level gauge, and the elevation shall be determined by the level gauge, and the sketch line shall be used to mark and mark the elevation on the fixed objects that are not easy to be damaged, and the record shall be made.            
3. After the center line and elevation are defined, that is, after the detailed drawing is prepared, the middle sample is placed, that is to say, the frame line of the connection surface and the center line of the transverse and longitudinal cross of each steel beam on the basic concrete, that is, the column base of the portal steel frame.           
4. When positioning the rigid frame accurately, the impact between the column base and the bolt of the rigid frame shall be minimized to prevent the deformation of the bottom edge of the column of the rigid frame, reduce the surface of the basic concrete and the bending deformation of the bolt from the surface, resulting in the loss of the compressive strength of the bolt after the bolt.           

Embedded bolts in basic concrete:            
1. Before pouring and tamping the basic concrete, carefully check the size, length, elevation and position of the bolts, and fix the embedded bolts.            
2. Before pouring and tamping the basic concrete, a part of the screw thread of the embedded bolt shall be wrapped up with salt free butter and plastic film to prevent the environmental pollution of the screw thread of the bolt during concrete pouring and tamping.            3. When pouring and vibrating concrete, assign full-time personnel with working experience to be on duty to do a good job of damage to the precise positioning of embedded bolts during concrete pouring and vibrating. In order to prevent the displacement and elevation change of the embedded anchor bolts.            
4. After the basic concrete is poured and tamped, the residual concrete at the edge of embedded bolt rod and screw mouth shall be removed immediately.

The whole process of steel structure processing:
1. During construction setting out and marking ① construction setting out, assembly line mark, wire hole mark, position of lifting plate, skew mark, axis, datum point and detection line shall be clearly marked, and sample plate shall be made if necessary. ② Pay attention to the embedded production, the electric welding closing capacity during installation, the laser cutting, edge planing and milling feed, and the embedded specifications. ③ Before drawing lines, the bending and deformation of raw materials shall be corrected.            2. Blanking: the CNC double head automatic cutting machine shall be used for blanking of thick steel plate, but the rust and waste on the surface of laser cutting shall be removed before blanking, so as to maintain the cleanness and leveling of laser cutting parts. After laser cutting, the slags and splashes shall be removed. The actual operation personnel shall flexibly use the instructions for use of industrial equipment and safety operation regulations to adjust the machine and equipment The specified value of the parameter.            3. The deformation of assembled and formed stainless steel sheet shall be corrected before assembly, and it shall be beyond the range of control error, and the rough surface shall be free of burrs, wastes and dirt to ensure the close connection of prefabricated components assembly and product quality standard. Proper special tools and machine equipment, such as angle steel ruler, are required for assembly to ensure sufficient precision after assembly.

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