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Your light steel villa, we realize for you

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Your light steel villa, we realize for you
Issue Time:2019-09-23
   In the picture, dalian guangtong steel structure co., ltd. is responsible for the design and construction of the Japanese light steel villa site. Our company USES quality Q235B material, the number of layers, color can be selected according to customer requirements.
   Light steel villa skeleton with light steel structure, strength, light weight, good seismic performance, high building quality, at the same time base load is small, is built in the area of various geological conditions, still can reduce construction waste and pollution to the environment, and recycled within the whole life cycle, become the villa building materials of choice for today's society.
   With the gradual improvement and improvement of the national engineering quality standards, light steel structure system has comprehensive technical advantages and production capacity. As a kind of sustainable development residence, dalian steel structure co., ltd. will vigorously strengthen the core product research and development, design, production, assembly capacity, committed to providing the public with environmental protection, energy saving green building, for people to create a more healthy and comfortable living space!