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What you don't know about prefabricated light steel buildings!

What you don't know about prefabricated light steel buildings!
Issue Time:2019-02-21

What you don't know about prefabricated light steel buildings!

In recent years, the advertisement of prefabricated light steel building is hot, no matter it is TV, newspaper,magazine, exhibition can be seen everywhere, all those who engage in construction should be familiar with the prefabricated light steel building. What every consumer wants most, of course, is a house that is solid and comfortable to live in. So the question of whether to build prefabricated, light weight steel buildings is almost a no-go option for families with adequate budgets.

Do you like this kind of house? As long as the cost of "a little money", you can have a hundred years of housing, but, is it true?


What is prefabricated light steelconstruction?

Prefabricated light steel building is also known as prefabricated light steel structure housing, its main material is by hot dip galvanized steel strip by cold rolling technology synthesis of light steel keel, after accurate calculation plus the support and combination of accessories, play a reasonable bearing capacity, to replace the traditional housing.

The assembly type light steel building hasits outstanding advantages compared to the traditional residence.

1. High degree of factory and mechanization and high degree of commercialization of structural parts of prefabricated light steel buildings.

2. The field construction speed of prefabricated light steel building is fast, which will not affect the near by residents and is conducive to civilized construction.

3. Prefabricated light steel buildings are environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

4. Prefabricated light steel buildings have light dead weight and good seismic performance.

5. The comprehensive economic index of prefabricated light steel building is no higher than that of reinforced concrete structure.

6. Compared with brick-concrete houses,prefabricated light steel buildings can avoid the waste of resources caused by burning bricks with soil.

7. Because the wall thickness of light steel structure is smaller than that of brick-concrete structure, prefabricated light steel structure can increase the effective usable area.8. Prefabricated light steel construction and reinforced concrete housing, compared with prefabricated light steel construction steel can be recycled, but cannot be recycled concrete, after must be construction waste and environmental pressure, and concrete to 40 years to all dry, so easy to cause indoor moisture, moisture, is not conducive to human health. Prefabricated lightweight steel buildings, which use no concrete at all, do not have this problem.

9. The prefabricated light steel building has good seismic performance. Since the seismic activity is left and right and up and down, the light steel structure connected with m-shaped steel forms a safe and stable box, which will not endanger personal safety due to the collapse of the wall or the falling of the floor due to the shaking of the earth quake.

10. Dry construction method is adopted in the construction of prefabricated light steel buildings, which will not cause the waste of water resources and save the cost.


The gap between dream and reality: the reality of prefabricated light steel buildings.

Although the price has dropped a lot, the  prefabricated light steel building is still more expensive than the brick.Need regular maintenance, corrosion resistance of steel than brick and concrete building red brick, concrete is much worse, especially in coastal areas often soaked by rain easy corrosion rust.Prefabricated light steel construction is not yet unified national standards, the quality of the intermingled, quality disputes are difficult to deal with, no place to complain. These are the people are more worried about the problem, so a lot of people before the construction of the assembly type of light steel building.


What you need to know about prefabricatedlight steel buildings.

Prefabricated light steel construction in the new challenges and opportunities, from "on further strengthening the construction of urban planning management work of several opinions to the national annual government work report, more than a month of time, the promotion of prefabricated light steel construction from" stable "to"promoted ", a change that contain the state of policy level to promote prefabricated light steel building consensus, and the application of a new round of prefabricated light steel construction put forward new requirements. From the application of prefabricated light steel building in China for more than 30 years, its structure system is relatively mature, supporting the prefabricated building, in the city's ultra-high building, cultural and sports stadium construction rapid development, has made remarkable achievements. Factory prefabrication and on-site assembly are adopted as production methods for building components and accessories, which are industrial construction products with promotion conditions at present. In particular, according to the report,by 2020, prefabricated light steel buildings will account for more than 30% of the new construction area, indicating that steel structure buildings will become the "new leading role".


Prefabricated  light steel building application market  prospects.

In 2018 the government work report,"the two meetings" put forward to promote the eastern, central and west "four major parts" coordinated development in northeast China,construction of key drive all the way "area", coordinated development of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, the Yangtze river economic belt development strategy of "three", the infrastructure, industry layout,production of environmental protection, etc, countries will continue to increase investment, will drive to raise the level of new urbanization construction scale and application field of prefabricated light steel construction and market space will continue to expand.

In the process of promoting the new people-oriented urbanization, the construction area of residential buildings will reach 60-70% of the newly built construction area each year, and the new round of vigorously promoting prefabricated light steel buildings is considered by technicians to have the following characteristics:

1.The application field has shifted from urban landmark buildings to people's livelihood projects, and from the past"tall and new and special" projects to residential construction, such as schools, hospitals and affordable housing.

2.The development of urban real estate has been promoted to the construction of small towns in rural areas and houses in earth quake zones. The construction of 6 million sets of shantytowns and 3.14 million families in dangerous rural areas have been completed.

In these suitable for prefabricated light steel residential areas, the enterprise must research and development, the produce is suitable for the market needs, customer satisfaction, and function all housing, through product quality and performance of change, leading the consumers living and consumption will, through the enterprise technology,materials and industrial chain alliance, cooperation, application of prefabricated light steel construction in short board, lower professional system integration products, steel structure housing costs, develop the physical product manufacturing, research and development of enterprise cooperation, advocating the spirit of craftsman makes the high-quality goods,improve the manufacturing level of steel structure residential refinement,standardization.In order to promote the industrialization process of prefabricated light steel building, enhance the system integration construction and management level of steel structure building, reduce the cost of research and development and product, and achieve good results, the construction period is accelerated and the quality is improved.


The famous prefabricated buildings in China are all classic.

1. Great Wall of Antarctica, China:completed in 1985, the prefabricated steel structure adopts new materials and technologies, such as polyurethane composite boards and fast-setting concrete,and integrates methods for transportation and construction. The general designer, bian zongshu, completes the architectural, structural and construction organization design.


2. Xi 'an Greenland center: the steel structure of the building mainly includes the external frame steel structure of the tower, the inner stiffening steel column and steel beam of the core tube,the boom truss, the buckling restraint support, and the curtain wall truss of the tower top.


3. Hangzhou raffles plaza: the project design is novel and unique, and the selection of vertical structure system and floor structure system makes the structure have sufficient seismic capacity and comfortable operation; In the building side, the frame inclined column on the periphery of the structure makes the visual impact of the whole building structure stronger.


To sum up, even if it is a good thing there are always two sides to everything, there is good there is bad, the positive is the opposite, as China's Tai chi eight diagrams Yin and Yang, over all prefabricated light steel construction advantages outweigh the disadvantages,brings people more benefits than disadvantages, this building is worth the state advocates, also meet the demand of the people, the future choice prefabricated light steel construction must be a trend.