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Castle peak sand platoon center in the early prototype .Steel structure main body is completed

Castle peak sand platoon center in the early prototype .Steel structure main body is completed
Issue Time:2018-12-17
On the afternoon of 17th, the reporter saw the qingshan river beach beside the tianxingzhou Yangtze river bridge. Among them, the main competition venues have completed the main construction of steel structure, 12 supporting cabins have also been basically completed, and the venue prototype is emerging.

Castle peak sand platoon main competition venue steel structure completed
 "The main competition venue of qingshan sand platoon center is a light steel structure project. In the center of the stadium is an octagonal competition venue, and on four sides are four stands that can accommodate 1,116 spectators." The site technical person in charge of the construction party is introduced as follows: "At present the main body has been completed, the next to level off the ground, paving greening, indoor hydropower installation, decoration and other processes." There are also steel staircases 7 meters wide at the four corners of the venue, which are convenient for spectators to go up and down the stands .The connection between the four stands and the staircase is a steel structure corridor, which forms the steel structure of the main competition venue. 
It is reported that qingshan jiangtan beach volleyball center is designed according to 1 main competition venue, 2 warm-up venues and 2 training venues .It covers an area of about 42,600 square meters. According to the standard construction of grade a gymnasium, it can meet the demand of men's and women's 32 teams for 7 competition days. The whole project is expected to be basically completed by early April next year.