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Pre-Engineered Buildings

Pre-engineered buildings – Optimal solution for your projects

If you want a building that has cost saving, fast erection, perfect quality control, high durability, pre-engineered buildings are the best choice.

As the latest trend in building construction, pre-engineered buildings are increasingly confirmed their outstanding advantages in industrial and commercial projects such as factory, warehouse, cold storage, showroom, office, supermarket, school, stadium…

What are pre-engineered steel buildings?

Pre-engineered building are built over three members connected to each other:

Primary members (columns, rafters, bracing…)
Secondary members (Z or C purlins, girts and eave struts)
Roof and wall sheeting connected to each other
Other building components
The entire primary members and secondary members are designed and fully fabricated including cut-to-length, punching, drilling, welding and preforming in the factory before shipped to the site for erection.
At the site, all components are assembled and jointed via nut & bolt connections; thereby reducing the costs and assembly times.

Why choose pre-engineered steel buildings?

1. Cost Savings

Price per square meter can be 25% lower than conventional steel buildings. Site erection cost is low because of faster erection times and easier erection process.

2. Quality Control

Designed and fabricated in-house with strict quality control. The fabrication process is controlled from start to finish, including design and engineering, as well as detailing and manufacturing at factory.

3. Quick Erection

All steel components are fabricated at factory and are linked by bolts at site. So the erection process is fast, step by step, easy to install and require simple equipment.

4. Flexibility

Pre-engineered steel buildings are flexible in any requirement of design, easy to expand in the future and also economically with low transportation cost.

5. Energy Efficiency

Nowadays, pre-engineered buildings are the green solution for the environment with CO2 reduction, energy efficiency and recyclability.

Pre-Engineered Buildings

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